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Originally from Louisiana & a graduate from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Kristen started her real estate career in 2007 in Katy, Texas. She then moved near the Texas coast where she continued her career and helped over 200 families in Texas with their home goals. Always maintaining her spot in the top 20% of the area, she became one of the top realtors of choice in the Rockport & Corpus Christi areas. In 2017, her family was giving the opportunity to relocate back to Louisiana and it brought them to the Acadiana area. She maintains her Texas license and still serves her past clients there while being licensed in Louisiana as well. A member of the MLS & Acadiana Association of Realtors, she continues to grow her business and client base from first time homebuyers, new and old investors, seasoned buyers & sellers and rental opportunities. 

Success stories

Actions speak louder than words so before you meet ME, you probably want to know how working with me really looks like. Here’s a couple of clients’ testimonials.

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